[From APNIC Blog] Increasing IPv6 deployment in Bangladesh

Recently, Robbie Mitchell from APNIC published an interesting article about the IPv6 deployment status in Bangladesh. The blog post described quite a real picture of v6 deployment in the country including the challenges that we are facing here and the ways to overcome it. Two of the most popular faces in our community and of course my

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IPv6 Detector widget for WordPress

If you’re maintaining a WordPress site and are interested to use IP address detector widget, there is a simple plugin for that called IPv6 Detector. Thanks to the developer Andres Altamirano. Though he didn’t update it for a long time, yet it works absolutely fine. All you need is to install the plugin and add the widget in the widget area of your website. The original version of the plugin

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IPv6 Deployment status in Bangladesh

11 April this year I had a chance to attend bdNOG5 and ION Conference 2016 which was held in Dhaka. It was quite a good crowd and I got the opportunity to present a case study on the IPv6 deployment status in Bangladesh. I would like to share the brief of my presentation here.

Summarizing IPv6 history of the country

So far, APNIC delegated more than 350 AS Numbers, about 550 IPv4 prefixes and nearly 150 IPv6 prefixes to different organizations

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